Monday, June 1, 2009

We are having a few days of sunshine here in Florida ... ahhhhhh ... I love the sunshine. Now I didn't say I loved to dig holes in the hot sun... nothing like that. I like to go to the beach, paint pictures, sit under the fan when the sun is bright and hot... those are all OK. today I worked on the roof a little in the hot sun, Sweating is good. Also, I put some miles on my paint brush. That's wonderful.
My neighbor stopped by today. He needed some help buying something on line. It's nice to be able to help someone. Buying on line is sometimes frustrating. There all all these advertisments for items at great prices...... then you go to their site and it won't be in for 6-8 weeks... or that prices is not available in the USA .... or it's out of stock ... oh yes, but there is something available at a much higher price. No don't that frost you. Same ol scam ... bait and switch. OK. so I took my business elsewhere. I'm happy. found what I needed at a price I was willing ro pay. Neighbor's happy. He got what he wanted. Ain't it great to be happy. Happy in the sunshine ... ahhhh. You be happy today no matter where you are.

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