Thursday, July 30, 2009

Painting outside in the Mountains

Being in the High Sierras is a treat all in itself. We pulled into a spot on the road to Blue Lake in the USNF wilderness area ... found a spot in the shade to park the car and I was out there in a flash. Generally I take acrylic paints and a small canvas board for sketches. This was a scene not far from where we landed. One thing about sketching.... everytime I look at the sketch (doesn't matter whether it is good or not) it brings back vivid memories of the day...the spot.. the feelings absorbed while there.
Can't wait till we go out for another plein air painting adventure.
Plan an adventure for yourself .... make it soon.
6x8 mixed media on canvas board

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 Tomatoes Today

It's tomatoe time out here in the high desert country. Lucky to be able to get some local vine ripened once in a while but it seems this year they are all coming from somewhere else to our kitchen. Sure is a difference in the taste. We eat lots of raw fruits and veggies ... seems to hit the spot.

Our place has a couple plants in pots to augment the garden.

Plant some good food in a pot ... plant some around the flowers in the yard .... grow your own.

6x8 oil on canvas board

Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh don't paint under the apple tree with anyone else but me ...

Monday painting class under the ol' apple tree... what a fun day. everyone had a good time. ... beginners and experienced alike.
Painting and picnicing... how could we have a better day.
Well, later I will post pictures.
Notice the class got a little bigger ... I didn't drive them all away.
You have a good day too ... go out and learn something new ...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Plein Air in the High Sierras

Well we did not get up there at the crack o' dawn but we arrived in Hope Valley just a little after 8 am .... not bad for us. It was a beautiful day in the High Sierras. From Hope Valley we motored on up towards Blue Lake. Thaleia ( led the way. and close behind was Dorothy and Carolyn ... with Unocchio and Carol pulling up the rear.
After painting in the meadow for a couple hours the pond called and we made our way up there.
It is so beautiful in the High Sierras ... I'd go there just to hike or picnic.
Pack up your picnic and go ... skip the restaurant ... skip the movie theater ..... go outside today and have some fun.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Painting under the ol' apple tree

We had a painting class yesterday ... in the back yard under the old apple tree. This is a very old tree but it still has lots of apples and mmmm mmmm good. I love that old apple tree.... and yes... it did drop a couple of apples on us ... and yes... I did occassionally bump into a low hanging branch ... that's all part of the fun.

50 % of the students skipped class yesterday .... too bad... they missed a good one. We had lots of fun The ladies, as you can see, were very smart and set up in the shade ..... that's my easel out there in the sun. I love being in the sun... it just feels so good (the shade felt good too during the breaks).

The paintig of the day was a local scene looking eastwards across the Carson River from the middle of the valley. This Valley has so many great spots. Country living (or small town living) is relaxing in itself .... but then to be able to ride the bike a short distance and be out in the peaceful meadows by the river really adds that touch of peace and inspiration. Truly awe-inspiring.
It doesn't take much .... go out and see some beauty today.
16x20 oil on canvas panel

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Peach Time in the Valley

Well... almost.... it's peach time at Costco for us again this year... looks like ..... we had bushels of peaches on our tree this year ...... then they started falling off for seemingly no reason at all. Now we are down to maybe 10 peaches on the entire tree. If we get 10 plump, juicy peaches from that three this year I am going to be one smiling ol geezer. I love peaches. By the way, Costco got some great peaches this year. It had to be a wonderful season for someone. This is one of the 2009 crop bought at Costco. I surely did love 'em. Of course, that one is already gone. My shirt got soaking wet from drolling while I painted it. 6x8 oil on canvas board.

Go pick some fresh fruit for yourself.

Peach Time in the Valley

Well... almost.... it's peach time at Costco for us again this year... looks like ..... we had bussels

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Mountains - The Foal - The Flowers and the Tree

Today started off working in the office

... gotta catch up with the paperwork ... then we rushed on up to Tahoe. Of course, we do not rush up so fast we do not get some pictures.

Probably got over 200 interesting fotos of the High Sierras and Carson Valley in the Summertime. I love the summer ... here .. or there ... or anywhere.

Here in the desert we have such a varity of greens and browns amoung other colors that most do not observe. Lots of things to photograph and paint.

As we shot thru the valley there stood a group of horses glistening in the afternoon sunlight .... and a foal! We stopped and turned around in order to shoot the group.... especially the Foal. Of course he now slid off behing mama to hide from the strangers approaching. Took us a little while be we got him to come on out to see what it was all about.

We were headed up to Barton Memorial Hospital in South Lake Tahoe for a picture hanging for the Tahoe Art League. A fine bunch of artists. They put out some fantastic work, too. A certian amount will hang in the halls of the hospital for the next 6 months. Carol and I took a couple of mine to see if they would be hung. We also stuck around for a little while visiting and trying to help with what ever we might be able to do.

Outside the entrance was a flower garden. Had to shoot a couple shots there too. Flowers are always beauticul even the common ones. Then there was that red tree.... fantastic.

We took pictures on the way home too.

The brushes took a break today. We'll catch up tomorrow... maybe ... it's clinic day.

Stop and smell the roses....Today.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wild Salmon

The other night we had for dinner a wild-caught salmon. Unfortunately we did not go out and catch it ourselves but second best we bought it at Raley's. The trip to the coast... the adventure of camping; fishing on the river or going out in a boat; the challenge of catching the fish and getting him back would all have added to the meal. So... in this instance... maybe it was wild man eating store-bought salmon.
We added to the meal fresh lemon.... just sliced it up and hand squeezed right over the plate..... then there was this one little slice left over. He was just sitting there as a fond memory of a delectable treat the evening before.

Lemons are good....... lemonade; dressing for salad; garnishment; lemon on fish; lemon and honey for sore throat; eat it straight; lemon and tea ... lots of good uses.

Have you had your lemon today?

Wild Salmon

The other night we had for dinner a wild-caught salmon. Unfortunately we did not go out and catch it ourselves

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'd go to the River again today

This is a 18 x 24 oil painting in progress..... and this is only part of the painting.... you'll see the rest later. Maybe you remember an 8 x 10 acryic sketch I posted a while ago that seemed similar. That was a preliminary planning sketch for this one.
Maybe Carol, John, Heidi an I will be back up to the river this Fall for some great shots including portraits of John and Heidi.
John does some great work with his camera ... go visit him at:
As you will see on John's blog all a person has to do is stick his head out the back door to find something wonderful to see.
Do it today. Go outside and see something magnificent..... it's right there.

I'd go to the River again today

This is a 16 x20 oil painting

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tahoe Art League Meeting was Wed Evening

Once a month the Tahoe Art League has a meeting at South Lake Tahoe Senior center ... that does not mean it is just for old foggies ... that simply is the most convenient place. It is on the second Wednesday each month. Drop on by. :-)

The TAL is a very active group ... many shows and event and puts out a beautiful Artists Registry each year listing many of the members and an example of their work. Each month members bring in a piece of their work and their peers vote for the one the like the best. We never know what is going to impress our fellow members the most . This month my water color "Hybiscus and Lace" was selected for the first prise winner. Thank you my friends. I appreciate your kindness, friendship and support. There are 3 awards each month.. The piece will hang in the Local College library for the next month.
Today you see one of my impressions of a part of Carson Valley we enjoy each time we head up towards Kingsbury grade (SR 207) which is the only way up the mountain from this valley. There are others routes up but not from here. The scenery here is outstanding no matter what time of year. It is always a great sight. Don't just fly down the highway ... slow down a little and enjoy the view from where you are.
Oil on canvas board 8 x 10

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ocean Dreams

These are the good days of Summer..... days when I thoroughly enjoy having a leasurely breakfast in the backyard by the flowers and the apple tree. There are always birds that come by for a visit and maybe a Shmetterling (or farfalla or butterfly) will come fluttering past the table (they never say anything so I really don't know if they are Swiss, Italian or American) :-)
Just dreaming of the ocean again. A lady in the clinic yesterday was from Naples FL so we talked about the gulf and the ocean waters for a while.
This is oil on canvas board 6x8.
You have a good day ..... and plan to eat outside once in a while.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I dreamed I was back in days gone by

My eyes glazed over .... the present moved into the back room of my mind .... I dreamed I was back in the days gone by... in those peaceful years when traffic was sparse ... before the blare of the TV ... prior to the din of the boom boxes and socially deaf zombies with iPods plugged in their ears ... when conversations and meals were not jangledly interrupted by cell phones .... then I woke up .... Dang! ...oh , yes... it is still 2009 .... I am still in downtown Minden when the old cars are in town. At least I am still free and still shotting pictures of things I love.

Dearm on ol buddy ... dream on ..... in sweet dreams you may find peace and tranquility ..... dream those pleasant dreams and the stress of today's world will fade like the fleeting clouds of smoke from the campfire. Ahhhhhh.... peace and happiness ..... may it find you all every day of your life.

I dreamed I was back in days gone by

I dreamed I was back in the days gone by... in those peaceful

Monday, July 6, 2009

T'was on a Warm Summer Eve

T'was on a warm Summer Eve we took a little bike ride to the next town... Minden ... and to the edge of town where it was country again and the long evening shadows carved different shapes on Jobe's peak and the High Sierras. We like to bike ride... try to get in a little every day.
I hope your summer is going well for you. make it happen. Get out there and do something a little different ... you don't have to spend an arm and a leg ... walk...hike... look around a little. I love the summertime.
6x8 oil on canvas board

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Orange and some Bings

Hope you all had a great 4th! We stayed home. Took a short ride around town on the bike. Did all the other normal and routine things ... and painted. I'm glad we can still remember our independence day and our freedoms. The freedom to be able to paint is awesome. The freedom for you to chose what you want to do is awesome too.
It's great to paint things we love. I love oranges and bing cheeries so this was a fun project. Yes, the cheeries are gone ... I ate them as soon as the painting passed the necessity of the still life setup.
Check out all the things you can do that you love.
6x8 oil on canvas board