Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Warming up

We had a couple cool days here... wore the sweat pants, sweat shirt and jacket this the morning.... later it warmed up to the 80's ..... later this week, back to the 90's ... I'm glad summer is still here. The day was so fine I took a ride around the old Franktown Road, shooting pictures on the way. Later in the afternoon I got the paints out and painted a picture looking up my driveway .... just a quick plein air sketch ... I plan to get out again this week for at least one more plein air session ... I may get the hang of this yet... who knows.
You have a good week.

oil 8x10 canvas board

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Plein air trip

oil on canvas board 11x14

Last week we went to River View road in South Carson Valley.... there were so many great spots to paint it was tough picking one.... so we finally just stopped and painted. Of course, I took lots of fotos and have paint several using the foto references. This is one of them. The canyon leads uo Hwy 88 to Hope Valley ... Woodsford is just around the corner.
Today I took a 9-10 mile ride around the valley... there are so many magnificent things to paint here. Next trip around the loop I take the camera and plan a spot to get out for some plein air painting ... the ride is worth the effort.... and it's all right here in the back yard. Get out in your neighborhood...check it out

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Desert side of the valley

There is always something interesting and exciting about hiking around the desert side of the valley. There are mountains on both sides... winds generally come from the West in the afternoon but the clouds may roll in from the East in the morning .... clouds may roll in from any direction  and they do. Walking around in the East valley looking West  the High Sierras hold down the horizon in shades of purple. On this day a storm was moving in which dropped lots of rain in selected areas over the next couple days..... but the sun was shining and a stroll thru the sagebrush made me feel good.

Oil 12x16 canvas pad

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Up, Up and Away

Today was another great day of Summer ... took a back road tour of Carson Valley ... got some pictures of the mountains and saw some of the eastern hills from a view new to me..... also got a personal tour of Jim's hanger ...WOW ... what a place!
It was so clean you could eat off the flour ... and look at those planes he rebuilt! The small white one is a French jet.... very cool...and I got to sit in the back seat...never thot I'd ever sit in a military jet.

The other plane has 2 engines and was used in Viet Nam..... even had bullet holes in the tail ... gone now, of course .... but this plane is a little beauty. When Jim got it it was in pieces and in very rough shape ... looks like new to me now.
Always something new and exciting happening around here....y'all come back!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A geezer goes a wandering

Down the road and beyond the fence
o'r the field and past the bale
The 'ol man strolls, he's still alive
walking far o'r  hill and dale

He passed the barn all red and weathered
a nest for owls and a little rodent
stopping for a moment's rest
he kicked a stone and did his toe dent

The geezer does this valley love
the trees and hills and mountains tall
His stay with Koke he also loved
her kindness, gormet food and all

Painted from memories and fotos of my jaunts around Carson Valley while recuperating
oil canvas pad 9x12

A cheezy deal

Swiss Cheese

I never thought the moon
looked like Swiss cheese.
From Pennsylvania it’s merely
a cloudy marble brushed
with blue. But if I ever
saw a moon sandwiched between
rye and Lebanon Bologna,
I would spread sunny yellow
mustard atop
and give you a taste
of my universe.

adapted from a writing by  -Wes Ward

There are still tomatoes on the vine here.... and many more blossoms out there on the plants .... love those fresh tomatoes. Now if I'm making a sandwich a little fresh basil and some raw milk cheese makes a drooling temptation... So here is a small tomatoe sitting on top of the raw milk cheese from Trader Joes. These will end up in my salad along with a half dozen other fresh veggies.

oil on canvas board 4x6

Friday, August 13, 2010

What's for lunch?

Nothing like wholesome food right from the garden just like great grandma ate .... be sure to eat as much raw, unprocessed food as you can get.

oil on 4x6 canvas board 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Out for a hike... or a walk... or something

Today I went for a little walk and a bike ride... maybe a couple miles just around part of the valley. It's great to be back even tho it was loads of fun staying with Kay for a few weeks... she sure does serve gormet meals .... made me want to stay longer :-)
While staying over in the other valley I did get out for a few "hikes" .... more like walks or strolls but I did get out.... the pictures will take you along with me
The desert is not all white sand for endless miles .... altho there is some of that but not here locally.
The days were warm and the nights were cool .... could not ask for anything better ..... but it did get better .... Zabrina and here troups dropped by for a visit last week .... but that's for another post ....

You have a good day .... and get out there for a walk :-)