Saturday, November 27, 2010

A couple Days in San Francisco

One of the great things about San Francisco is the diversity. Within jsut a few blocks from the house in 2 different directions we find beautiful parks, lakes, trails and the beach. This time we headed headed out for the beach. The dog likes this walk to the beach as much as we do.... maybe more ... and she just can not seem to get enough of running on the beach and jumping in the water.

Looks like any other part of the city

getting close to the park... notice the big trees

from this part of the trail we can already see the ocean

baron and the dog about to enter the urban forest

Ahhh yes... a friendly coyote watches us

Lots of big trees along this trail

Not too long and we approach the beach

baron and Kristy always enjoy coming down here

Land's end ... refreshing and beautiful

In some spots the city comes right down to the ocean's edge .... at least to the edge of the clift

On the way back now... what a difference

Even in the city there are flowers..... stop and smell the flowers in your life

Round Trip trip to AZ

OK... here's the chopper... custom built by Ben the Baker... an Ohhh an Ahhh machine that turns heads everywhere .... this is really why we went to AZ... to bring it back to CA .... yeh,, he is going to pad the seat... otherwise the ohhhs and ahhhs will be for a different reason :-)

Here is Baron, ready to hit the road

One of the reason he's so anzious to get going... notice the storm brewing up there on the top of Slide Mt

It was foolin' round.... it was moving in with determination .... finally 2 feet of snow dropped after we left

Further down the road... just into CA east of the Sierras ... leaves were making their last stand

From Hwy 395 we took a short cut over to AZ

Up the moutain and then we dipped into Death Valley, finally arriving at sea level .... we had a picnic lunch at Stovepipe Wells

Leaving Stovepipe Wells it was all downhill to the center of the earth ... well, at least as deep as we could drive from this point

Notice the elevation here ... we are almost as deep as it goes

would you have imagined... an oasis at the bottom... and a golf course

Arrived in AZ.... loaded the chopper and left .... shortly we made our way over some hills and headed down into a hole in CA.... 29 Palms coming up

Our route took us around LA, over the grapevine to the Bakersfield area where we turned West and headed for the coast.... very interesting country... went thru some mountains... saw a deer which was too fast for me to dig out the camera and shoot..... but this guy just stood there staring

Finally we pasted a wide vally... about 75 miles wide... and had to stop at Santa Margarita to fuel up

pushing on we finally reached the coast .... could not wait to get to the beach after all that desert

The last leg of the trip was up hwy one..... right on the coast ... waves... clfts... trees

There it is.. final destination..... thanks for joining us on the trip

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Rhis is one of those WHOOPEE days..... first snow of the season down here in the valley .... sun and blue skies pop out...... picked some ever bearing strawberries right out of the garden .... are they finished? who knows... there are still flowers .... but we suspect they will be hibernating for the winter.... some little birds were out there eating... I'm sure they enjoyed the last thrust of the strawberries.
I'm inside most of the day today ... nice to have the sun streaming in the windows.
You enjoy your day also.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just down the street

The weather prediction for here today is 74.... the weather prediction for Jacksonville Fl today is 75 ... I ain't leavin' home ... it is soooooo nice. Just came home for lunch... will try to get out painting again this afternoon.

oil on canvas board   9x12

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A beautiful Day Here

This is a beautiful Fall week and I have been getting outside to enjoy some of it.. This afternoon I got out to do a little plein air painting. I love standing out in the sun painting ... really doesn't matter where or anyone but mom and I like the results... it's fun and relaxing.