Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stormy Sunset at Tahoe

Today there was scheduled an outing at Twin Bridges with David Russo for foto shoots and plein air painting. Twin Bridges is a great spot in the High Sierras near Lake Tahoe. Yesterday (and a few days prior) it was stormy and raining with ominous clouds rolling over the High Sierras. Even last night those big dark clouds hung over the hills. So, as much I wanted to go, I chickened out.... it's just that I don't like hiking in the rain ... stomping thru 4 inch deep mud .... shivering for an untold period of time... trying to paint while water drips down my neck. Then there is all the water that showers me every time I bump into a branch or bush while making my way up the path. Sunny and warm.. that's my style. I know... I miss all those great shots of sparkling rain drops ... light glistening thru the wet trees .... reflections on the puddles ... so I cancelled. Today the clouds were gone, the sun shines bright, it warmed up here in the valley. Can't win 'em all.
I guess I'll just go enjoy to Nick's High School Graduation BBQ.
This is a 6x8 acrylic.

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