Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nick's BBQ

The Nick Nalder Graduation BBQ was a super success. Kollina spread a sumptuous feast for the guests and they couldn't resist... it disappeared in a flash. The first picture is son-in-law, Steve. I think he grilled and pitched horseshoes the whole day. The second is grandson, Justin and son baronn making their way thru the food line.. won't say how many times. Next foto is daughter, Kollina in the center taking a break from preparing and serving food while she chats with some of the guests. Second from the last foto has granddaughter, Angie having fun while serving the cake. Nick's friends kept arriving over a span of several hours. The parents met old and new friends then spent the next several hours in lively conversation. Thanks Kollina. Great party. Hey... someone else throw a summer BBQ!!

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