Saturday, June 20, 2009

Springtime in Carson Valley

How can we not love Springtime? Well, maybe Summer will be here in a few days according to the calendar but either way ... Spring or Summer .. they are both grand!
I enjoy eating outside during the good weather. It feels so good sitting in the sun.
There is my setup ... next to the garden ... where I can watch the plants grow and the birds fluttering back and forth.
So here is my breakfast .... well at least the end of it. You do not see the 2 eggs and sprouted multi-grain bread that disappeared prior to the arrival of the fruit. So I only eat a half banana ... Carol eats the other half. You did not get to see the suppliments either..... hey.... who wants to see suppliments..... ya seen one ya'v seen em all ... but fresh fruit ... now that always looks good ... each piece is different. Maybe these will end up on a sketch on the blog someday.
Eat lots of fresh vegies and fruit every day.... they taste good.
6x8 acrylic

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