Sunday, February 28, 2010

Takin' a break on the last day of Feb 2010

I got up about 6:30 this morning and went right to work. It was a beautiful morning.... in fact last night was beautiful also... seemed bright enough to be a full moon out there .... I peered out the window... I wanted to see Mars right up there near the moon ... but it was too cloudy... the moon shown thru but it was like a silvery haze... couldn't see a star or planet in the sky.... but a beautiful bright glowing moon shinging right on thru....then today it was a bright sunny day with a few floaters dancing around the sky.... nevertheless... I sat here clicking away at the keyboard trying to get some of the stacks of papers processed. Somewhere about 2 my ass just got too sore on this oak chair so I took off out the door. An exercise break is always helpful...yeh

Canadian and proud of it. He was out there... right around the corner... at the edge of the pond on the golf course. Didn't seem to mind too much if I came close. Nice friendly neighbors... that's the kind I like.

This is where I walk and run... soooo inspiring.
Pretty nice back yards here.... look at that view.... rain and snow, then blue skies the next day ... why do we love Nevada

there are some friendly neighbors here... they all seem to like me ... makes me feel right at home ... there may be some people around here too... I just don't see much of them

Well, they are way over there and I'm here... couldn't hear me if I hollered... nice house!

Just the sound of the rushing water was worth the treck over here. I love water falls

One day I'll go closer and paint that barn... and get some pictures for Willie

OK...OK... so everyone doesn't really give a hoot if I stop by

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eating at Kollina's

Somehow on yesterday's post, even tho we were thinking of her, Kollina go left out ...... so today she get's the entire post :-)
Steve and Kollinta have always been such gracious hosts ..... housing me during winter storms .... giving me a place to stay while establishing housing over the years ... and most recently feeding me hot meals when I had no means to prepare my own. Several times I have stayed over with them instead of driving home late at night in bad weather.... a life saver in itself. Last night, as you can see below, she served one of her famous gormet meals. Kollina always pays close attention to details in the preparation of her dishes... and they come out very delicious. I'd rather eat at her house than any fine restaurant to be sure. Kudos to this chef!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yesterday was the transition day between a winter storm and a beautiful sunny day ... today. today was one of those days in the high 50's but in Nevada it felt like the 60's. What a beautiful day! Blue skies and sunshine. I wanted to go hiking of plein air painting but there were a couple appointments scheduled so it was off to work. Naturally if I was going to spend all that time going into town there was some swhopping to do ... the larder was nearly empty. The day went well and I made it home in mid-afternoon in time to begin a hot meal for dinner. I have not prepared a hot meal in 3 months..... thanks to Zabrina, Ben, Annie, Baron and Kristi I deid get a few hot meals along the way. :-)
Tonight it was one of the winter favorites.... beef stew. It's easy to overeat  when served home-made beef stew and Winter-Fest brew..... but I held back (I think) :-)
Yesterday I did get out for a walk. Went north this time. Lots of new things to see and new neighbors to meet. Well, the only neighbor I met is pictured below. He was friendly enough.
Notice how some of the clouds hung low over the mountain tops. they were all gone by today. I gave you a couple higher views... put on the telephoto lens. Always interesting to see what going on up there.... even if it's nothing. Lots of things to paint out here. I can't wait to get started.
Tomorrow is the monthly meeting of CVAA... Carson Valley Art Association. Looks like the weather is expected to be OK so I'm going to be there. Also combined will be a stop at the post office, bank, Raley's and the storage shed...... hey, going to town might as well make the most of it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Snow, The Fog, the Beauty of it all

Today was a beautiful day. We had expected snow and it showed up right on schedule. Reno got 1 1/2 ft  at least... some say 2 ft. We got a few inches here yesterday and a few more last night......then the clouds sank down into the valley creating the mysterious glow from the sun.
Highway 395 had thick fog and serious accidents so the southbound traffic was rerouted down OLS Highway 395... there it is, crawling along at a snail's pace thru the thick soup.

As the morning progressed the fog began to lift and we could gaze at the magnificent High Sierras once more.

Not only did the fog drop in from above but the heat from the highway added a little steam of it's own

The water fall continued to flo thru it all... still, it looked cold to me. The pond was very still and the reflections bright

There were quite a few geese flying around today with an occasional landing taking place

Finally back to the cabin all tucked in amoung the sparkling trees

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This is great!

There is nothing new about snow here in Washoe Valley...... errrr.... Thunder Canyon, home of the Mangifagioli ....... but this is the first one since I moved in. Looks like I moved in just in the nick of time.... it would have been tough moving those boxes in this storm..... and sorting out the shed,,ugh.   Looks like we got about 4 inches ... some parts of Reno got about 2 f,t I'm told ... I won't be going up to see it. Carson Valley got ................ that's ok. The storm is moving south so they may get a little within the next few days. I did a little bit of shoveling this morning. It's fun to do a little shoveling of powdery light snow.
I waited until about 7:30-8 to get out there. Isn't it great to treck thru the fresh snow.... and really nice to be able to go back inside and stay warm and dry. Today I am especially glad not to be living in a cardboard or tin box :-)
I'll be waiting to get out and take some pix of the new fallen snow when the sun shines again... maybe tomorrow.

These 2 shots are when I first opened the door .... not a footprint yet.

I walked around in the fresh snow making footprints before I shoveled .... no snow angels tho

Rocks always look interesting with a snow cap

These rocks kind line the driveway

There's a one-eye view of the van covered with it's first snow

Another one-eye view from the porch

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Take an early morning walk

Watching the sun rise is a great start for the day ... cool, refreshing air ...... colors that help me off to a good start ...... a yawning sun slowly stretching up over the hills in the east .... scattered clouds dotting a light, blue sky ...... I missed it all today while I remained snuggled under the black terry sheets and a down comforter grabbing a few extra much needed Zzzz's. Nevertheless, I was out early enough to enjoy a pleasant morning filled with sunshine. A brisk walk in the fresh morning air is just what I needed. I sure felt better after that walk. After I fix the reoccurring flat on my bike I will be riding around the valley. Probably won't happen for a little while. I got my main room in good order.... not a packing box in sight .... no piles of anything no garden tools in the kitchen or hall ... no boxes of bottles jars and bags .... no papers stacked ready to process or put away ... just clean and neat. Feels pretty good. I bought shelves and carts to help me keep it this way. I may need some furniture other than the round solid oak table and chairs and the trundle-bed couch but we'll get to that.
Outside are redwood trees, spruce trees and some oaks. Not the oak trees seemed not to want to give in to Old Man Winter ............ either that or they were embarassed to stand there naked all winter .... they kept all those lovely oak leaves wrapped around the trunk. There is a beauty in the winter oak leaves... couldn't help taking a few pictures. Who knows, they may be the basis of a painting.

OK..... let's head down the driveway. I share the drive with Jim.... he lives at the top end .... my entrance is closer to Old Highway 395 and the gate. If someone comes to visit me I have to go out there and wait to direct them into the lower dirve turnoff or they go right on past ... gives me a break and a chance to get some fresh air. See that little white spot on the right? The entrance to my place is just beyond the green trees behind that light. We are looking towards Old 395 in this picture.

This is the upper drive ... notice the great view early in the morning.

there is a gold course and country club right next door .... with all the normal landscaping you would expect to find there.... including ponds ... as I arrived there this morning a couple canadian geese glided in for a water landing..... a beautiful sight ... I was sorry I did not have my telefoto lense... next time.

Notice that green speck just about in the center ..... that's my roof. :-)

This is the name of this part of the valley ... I have never heard any thunder here .... maybe the local gentry are "mangifagioli" ... heh heh

These are some of the neighbors .... the other houses are similar .... nice to be in a fine neighborhood where everyone has plenty of elbow room

OK... back homw to 5737 and heading up the driveway .... see my turnoff on the left between those trees  ... now if you gun it to get up the hill you are going to roar right on past that little opening. Y'all come on over fur a spell.

There it sits .... the ol  Sprinter .... waiting for the next trip ... if you turned into the proper drive way you will see it standing there waiting.
It's a pleasure sharing these fotos with you while "A Prairie Home Companion" with Garrison Kellor plays on the internet. Of course, you can listen to it on your local public radio broadcast station ... but if you miss it simply go on line to
Garrison has been doing that program for 40 years    must be some sort of a record .... but he is now going to retire .... sad to see him go but I guess he really deserves it. Best to him....... and best to you all who are being forced to retire early due to the current state of the union.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, after wandering around homeless for 3 months, living in a tin box.... however,better than some of the others who have only a cardboard box,,, I am moving into the guest house on some acerage in Washoe Valley, Is this worth waiting for?   .... there are apple trees with crispy apples ... peach trees with luscious, juicy, fresh peaches in season... wonderful tasty grapes from several different vines .... an organic garden of fresh vegetables in season ..... space where organic grass-fed lambs fatten up ..... great scenery for endless painting..... wow.... guess I'm home!

the main house as seen from the guest house

The back yard and the pool under the High Sierras
Where we park

then... the guest house