Friday, June 5, 2009

Traveling from Orlando to Reno

I love hanging out in Florida .... the beach... the clouds.... the sub-tropical climate, plants and birds ... it's a wonderful experience. ... something of which I will never tire. It just feels different in Florida. So now it's time to fly over to Reno via Las Vegas. It is a long day of traveling with a couple days of preparation on both ends of the trip but it is always exciting. The anticipation of the trip and the arrival on the other side of the country is exhilarating and exciting. .... always gives a boost to the spirits. You see in the picture the Southwest terminal, our plane and there is my friend Cliff preparing for the flight. Thankfully they do not serve food on the planes anymore. Cliff picked up some grub from one of the local vendors. Mine came in my backpack. Cliff is a friend whom I have not seen in 3+years ... but get this .... we ended up on the same flight back to Reno from Orlando .. same day same flight. We were both traveling from Crescent City to Reno ... how often is that going to happen unplanned? ... there's more .... we even ended up next to each other in the Southwest boarding line which is randomly issued by letter and number. Amazing. So we had a good flight together.
I have included osme pictures of Carson Valley just south of Reno a few miles. That's where I was headed. For those who are familiar with Carson Valley you already know it is one of the finest places in this country. The pictures will stir your memory and emotions. For those of you who have not been to Carson Valley here is a glimpse. You will also see some rain clouds there in the High Sierras .. just to let you know that it does rain here in the desert country... maybe not that often but we do get some now and then .... and of course, there are ranches and cattle because it is the wild, wild West.... what is the wild West with ranches and cattle and horses and wagons and hay .... I love it in this part of the country.
Back in Florida there are some paintings in progress which I will finish when I return ... for now ... there are paintings in progress in Nevada that I am excited to complete ... along with some ideas for new paintings.
The USA has marvelous things to see and do ........... go out there and look .... maybe right in your neck of the woods.

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