Monday, June 22, 2009


Maybe the sky could be red ... who knows what they will dump up there. Well, today it was bright blue most of the day but as we rode our bikes in the afternoon a few darker clouds come over the High Sierras ... didn't rain on us but we rode a little faster for the rest of the trip. Temp was about 79 ... so nice.
Yesterday's ride was 6-8 miles around the central valley. Got some very fine fotos. I'll share some of them with you tomorrow.
This is another 6x8 acrylic on canvas board. If you haven't done a few 6x8's give it a try. Sometimes out there on a plein air trip these little guys are just the trick. .....quick and capture the mood and feeling of the moment.
For those of us still learning it is far better to paint 30 pictures at 1 hour each than spend 30 hours on one painting.
You have a good day ..... break up your routine today .... go do something you've been wanting to do .... smile and be happy while you're doing it.

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