Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some roads go no where

Ever think you are going down the road to nowhere?
During our lives we have many choices of which "road" to take. The choice is ours.... right or wrong... we make those choices ourselves. ... and then sometimes the road simply heads off into the unknown ... a foggy haze ... a mist sliding off the mountian side...which may take us years to figure out. ...... but then there is the road that is clearly headed in exactly the direction we wanted to go and it is taking us there quickly and surely. What a relief!
That does not necessarily mean there are no ruts, bumps, rocks and hairpin turns. Nope. Life is much more fun when there are challenges.
If you find yourself on the freeway of frustration slow down, pull off at the next ramp and check out a local nature park.

This evening while out on a bike ride, I came across a local park which was also a wetlands preserve. Fantastic. The many times I rode past there in the Winter it was not much of anything. Not even much water. What if I had never gone back to take another look?
Today the water table was high; the flowers were in bloom; the cattails were getting tall; there were many full bushes and the grass was plentiful. Ducks were swimming and the Geese, surrounded by goslings, were pecking for their dinners. I saw a whole new world there. I will return and take pictures, sit on the bench and sketch... and just enjoy the peaceful view .... surrounded with refreshing smells of flowers, a cool breeze off the High Sierras while beimg uplifted by the cheerful songs of a variety of birds.
Go out there and let some cheerful birds perk up your life.
6x8 acrylic sketch

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  1. Amen on the cheerful birds. I have several feeders in my yard and watching the "visitors" is a constant source of entertainment. Every species has it's own personality. The inquisitive chickadees, the raucous bluejays, the timid goldfinches......... If we could all just be that "free", huh?