Friday, June 26, 2009

It was a good day at Tahoe

We needed to go up to Lake Tahoe because Carol had a meeting at her job ... always best to try to combine things ... so we combined the business trip with going up for some pictures. As we headed out the highway the sky looked like you see in picture one. Hey.. we are not going to let a few stormy clouds dampen our day .... we kept on going. Soon there was a bright spot in the sky .... ahhh ... things are looking better. to the north the sky was blue and had fluffy white clouds instead of the ominous black clouds. Once we arrived up at the lake the sky appeared cloudy to the south... but hey! ... look over there towards the north ... fantastic!
Not oo many people on the beach or the hiking/bike trail.. too bad... it was sooooo nice.
check out the river boat. A few minutes later there was a very long line of happy people walking up the gang plank ready for their Lake Tahoe cruise and dinner.
finally there is a picture taken on the drive down Kingsbury grade. Notice there is sun up there lighting up the sides of the highway but the valley seems to be in the dark shadows. Shadows come and shadows go... just like the dark clouds in life. We got down to the valley and settled in. Caorl went to the batism of the neighbor boy. I saw the sun flash out again and headed for the wetlands. Got some interesting shots which I'm planning to convert into paintings. See ya from the easel ..................... Smile... the clouds will soon be gone and the sunshine will once again warm your heart.

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