Thursday, June 25, 2009

Current Crops

At rest your brain is responsible for 20% of your total energy expenditure even though it accounts for about 2% of your body weight. That even means people like me ... and we always wondered where the energy was going all the time. What would ever happen if we found our brain actually in use and not at rest? Guess some of us will never find out. :-)
I will continue sketching no matter where I am. I just happen to love where I am.... wherever that is. There is always something good to see and experience. As I ride the bike or drive around ths valley the beauty never ceases. All the changes have some goodness.
This 8x10 oil sketch was inspired during the bike ride around the valley.
Next post will be fotos from the quick trip up to lake tahoe yesterday. I was trying to do that this morning but there was a computer problem uploading the pictures..... not to worry ... there is always another time.
Smile... your day will go even better,

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