Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Paintings as WIP 2 June 09

Starting to wind things down here in the Sunshine State and today it is just that. Don;t we love that sunshine. Sure feels good. Tim and his dog are probably finished. The Florida lake scene will probably get a few more strokes here and there. there are a couple other pieces on the easel thaqt I want to work on prior to disembarking for other regions... may get to them,,,nay not. Jeff is coming over this morning with his ladder and roof hooks. We are going to inspect the roof a little closer. Closer may be better. It is not always best to scrutinize everything up close. Many times it is better to simply stand back and look at the big picture .. don;t look so close and you make not have so much to gripe about ... look at the big picture, forget some of those picky details and you may be much happier. Happiness is not necessarily knowing all those little details. However, when it comes to the roof this is one of the exceptions..... look real close or you may find drip drip drip on your head just when you really don't want it .. heh heh. go out there today and look at the big picture.

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