Saturday, June 20, 2009

NADA DADA Motel Art Show - Reno

Carol's daughter, Nicole, let her know that she was showing her art in a show called "Nada Dada Motel" ... of course, we said.. "What's that?" The show was in Reno for a week. Even the New York Times sent someone out to cover it. "Once upon a time in the Old West"
Old fogies sit at home and go nowhere ... even if there is some great event right in their town or general vicinity. ... so we probably would have missed this one (like maybe many other neat things).
The same day we went to Reno to see the NADA DADA Motel Art Show there was happening the Tour de Nez .... a cycling shindig of some sort .... Baron loves it but missed it this year because of working commitments in San Francisco. All we got out of the Tour de Nez was a quick glance from the car window as we circled downtown Reno a dozen times trying to find the Nada Dada Motel ... which, of course, did not exist. That is the name of the art show ... for which there were no signs .. unlike the "special event" Tour de Nez.
We finally found a meter spot, parked and got out on foot ... aha ... I peeked over a block wall and there it was!!! ..... Nicole's art wagon ... big as life .... parked behind the motel block wall a few feet from where we had parked. Great! We're there.
Touring downtown Reno was not a bad thing. Look at those pictures. Could it have been a better day? ....... and the interesting views. It was an excitng day in downtown Reno with all those folks coming to experience the Tour de Nez and, of course, soak in the Nada Dada Motel Art Show. What a fine time .... we might have been at home staring at the monitor or doing some other inane un-activity. It is so nice to get off the ass and just go out there and do something different once in a while.
The main part of the Nada Dada Motel Art Show was in the very old Hotel El Cortez. No, I did not get a shot of the front door but you do see one of the hotel building (kinda) from down the street ... then there is the shot in the lobby showing the stairs going up to the lounge, library and rooms. Each artist rented a room with the overflow going to the motel 1/2 block away and directly across from the St Vincent Church. To see the show we wandered from room to room where are work was displayed and snacks were served. Not all rooms were rented by artists... some had permanent tenants ... of course we barged in on one of them right at the start of our tour. Hey, what can I say. Some of the people you see in our pictures: Rebecca Kerlin, Nicole Bommarito and Carol Bommarito standing in front of Rebecca and Nicole's work ... ... www.bommaritostudios; Erik Holland with the tall hat ... he was elected "mayor" of the show; the "Bee Lady" Dominique Palladino who had live bees in a display box and decorated the entirety of the walls with pages she took out of a Bible ... wow .. notice the wall behind her.. she nailed each page to the freshly painted walls of the refurbished room .. heh heh ... it may take her a while to patch those holes and repaint the room... ; then there is the "Rose Lady" whose theme was... "stop and smell the Roses"... good idea ... and a quite colorful display; Woodrow Barlettani is a local cartoonist who is published in the local newspapers and has been in the area a long tiime ... loving every minute of it. We have included a few more examples of the wide variety of artists who participated. Sorry we could not include everyone...... but if you did not make it to the Nada Dada Mootel Art Show you missed a good one.
Check your local events calendar and go out there and snoop around a little. There is so much to see and do. It'll perk up your life a lot adding inspiration, zest and new horizons.

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