Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sedona Workshop

I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” Vincent van Gogh

There is something about seeking with all my heart that gets me lost in my work  ... Hey Vinny.... I'm doing it too.

So where ever you are put your all into it ... you won't be sorry.

Last week was spent with Abbey Ryan at Sedona Az watching demos and painting all week.

It was a great week. Learned a few things with much effort expended. Overall the weather was great... had to put on warmer clothes tho  ....... but we had some beautiful clouds and some bright sun.
A fine bunch of people attended the workshop and turned out some fabulous work. I'm not sure mine can be categorized like that but here is what I did

I was thinking of those ingenious folks who balance rocks in the river when I put this together. I think they are so cool ... and the energy is so focused.

 Ahhhhhhh, the raspberries. This took more time and effort than I had anticipated.  The painting is
much larger than the actual berries .... maybe 10 times or more ...... so I painted them several times before I had something reasonable  This painting is 6x8

 After the raspberries I went for the strawberries.... kinda on a roll .... not perfect and I see some things I want to change... but here it is

After I arrived back at Zabrina's house I saw a little bear that Savanah got from one of here Cinderella pageants so I painted it. Just a fun little painting about 6x8

That's it for now folks

Stay well ... work hard ..... keep smiling