Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finishing the roof patching

Do you see drops of sweat on that foto? ... and is that extensive BO wafting thru the air causing your nostrils to rebel and clam up? It gets hotter 'n He** up there. We sweat our as*** off. I'm not sure I'll ever get the smell our of my clothes ... ahhh well .. doesn't matter. I think these shorts are over 20 years old anyway. They'll be cut into pieces now and used for rags. Hey, no use wasting a good rag. If ya can't wear 'em cut 'em up and wipe things with 'em. Isn't recycle the thing to do? Now you don't think I might have a few too many rags around here do you?

Well look closely and you'll see someone on the roof finishing up the patching. We started from the back. Monday and Tuesday it got up to 90 and close to that today .... but somehow methinks it was much warmer on the tim roof. The metal roof actually got so hot we coudn't touch it for long. Do you smell sizzling rump roast? No sitting down on the job up here. The patchinng material dried fast tho.... good thing.... rain is expected today on the coast about noon and sometime a little later in here. I just walked out to take a look. Yup. Clouds are moving in. It's 11:50. That Doppler Radar guy guessed it pretty close.

I'm glad to be able to get up there and do anything let alone work on the roof .... of course, as I mentioned before, the help from Jeff was immensly appreciated.

Y'all can relax now. The ol geezer is down off the roof until next year. Hey... ya think I will be able to do this when I'm 90?
3:43 PM .... It has been raining since about 3pm.... as expected. Rain in the afternoon is very predictable down here in Florida. .... but it only rains in spots. We were selected today so that the roof could be tested. IT'S WORKING. NO DRIPS ON THE HEAD!

Go out and do somethinng you don't like today and just get it done.

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