Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pictures everywhere

Yes, that's my living room ... yes, there is funriture there.... no, you can't see the furniture because of all the pictures. Maybe you think there is not enough space on the walls but I think I can arrange it so they fit. We'll see later. Besides, some of the pictures are going over to the Wine and Stien tasting room to be displayed. This is not all the pictures. This is all the frames I have. The rest of the pictures have no frames so they are stacked downstairs in my "gallery". Well it is going to be the gallery after I move a couple things out of there.... heh heh. Doc Schultz says to get rid of 30% of everything you own every year .... yeh.. you'll gather that much more if you're like me. I think he intended that you get rid of 30% and accumulate much less than that so that gradually life becomes more orderly and less complicated. Hey.... throw something out today ,,, or give it away.

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