Sunday, June 21, 2009

Biking Today

Today is another fine day in Carson Valley ... sunshine and blue skies. Friday when we went into Reno I picked up the supplies I needed to repair the flat tire on my bike. I suppose I could have plastered on a tube repair patch but I have not had much luck with those ... it seems that more sooner than later I have another flat tire. Here on the desert there are a few green plants ... and many bugs and animals to eat them so in self defense the plants grow horrendous horns and thorns. If you need any I am an expert on finding them. :-)
I repaired the tire by replacing the tube with a self-sealing tube containing "slime" ... for you who are unfamiliar that is a bright green goop that looks and feels like slime.... comes in a plastic bottle. It is squeezed into the inner tube, then the tube is inflated and you go for a ride so that it spins and slides all around the inside of the tube. After that you are supposed to be immune from flats. yeh. Somehow for me it does not always work that way. This time around I placed a protective layer of slime-brand plastic between the tire and the inner tube then used the inner tube that had slime in it already. Think that should do the trick? Let's hope. After the repair I went on a quick ride to Minden and back. Repairing the tube is not all that bad but somehow I sure do enjoy riding the bike a whole lot more. While it was down I cleaned, shined and lubed the bike and the moving parts. Ahhhh ... it is now shiny and very quiet. The bike says, "Thanks, I sure did need that."
Not far from here... a very short bike ride ... the Carson River meanders thru the valley. We stop often just to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds by the river. The river is always a favorite sketching spot. Go out and visit a river!
Oil on 6x8 canvas board

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  1. Your suggestion to "go out and visit a river" is giving me the kick in the pants to get some Plein Air painting going. The weather has been kind of chilly and wet here in northern NY, but it's finally getting warmer and drier now. I think I'll try to squeeze in some time for it this week!