Monday, May 10, 2010

Onion Soup?

6x8 Oil on Canvas Panel

Today is 10 May... pretty cold outside.. the snow froze on the blades of grass standing straight up in the pasture. Must be that global warming stuff somebody keeps talkin' about :-)
Well, other than going out to feed the chickens I simply stayed inside painting and watching the beautiful scenery out the window... oh, yes.... Jones College radio was playing some happy tunes. this radio station is in Jacksonville Florida..... they announce the weather and temperature every now and then.... today it was 85 degrees and a sunny day..... hey, that seems better than having the Reno station play music which may or may not be pleasant and announcing every now and then that it is 24 degrees :-)
There seems to be a few extra onions around here.... maybe I should make onion soup.... do we make onion soup with red onions?
Well for now they go in my salad tonight.
You have a good evening.

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  1. My friend, Heidi and I are going to Yosemite this weekend. I hope to bring back some fine pictures. Have you been to Davis Creek yet?