Sunday, May 9, 2010

Art Show at the Sparks Marina

Yesterday was a fine day with a few fluffy white clouds scattered here and there across a gorgeous blue sky and we were hoping today would be very similar. Sunday started off cool and very still. the old wind indicator was not spinning. Calmness reigned. Looking south there were clouds..... on the top of the mountain a shower poured. I had scheduled the art show at the Sparks Marina. Looking northward there were spots of blue sky here and there. OK. Going to the art show.

This yesterday...... in hopes for today too

Heading east on I-80 we see Sparks .... and the sky seems to be changing

Show had set up early in the morning... the Art in Bloom show on Mother's Day is in full bloom.... it is a one day show

Entering the show was no problem..... the crowd's were thin.... and most were down by the live music tent drinking hot coffee and humming.....
you are seeing no closeup pictures of the tents and art works because it was but minutes when the wind picked up to about 60 mph.... art work started flying out of the tents... not exactly what the vendors wanted.. it was the wind, not the buyers ..... a few sprinkles started..... the wind picked up ... the vendors started quickly folding up and we were all out of there. Thus ended the Art in Bloom Mother's Day show. 3 hours later the sun was in the sky again and the day ended fine.
Here's hoping your day ended fine.

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