Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mid-week madness

Well, it was another fine day here on the ranch. Last night we had a visitor... tore open the garbage can that held the chicken feed and ripped open the sack...... I don't think he really liked it much because he ate little or nothing from it.......... out in the field by the chicken coop there sat a couple halves of a watermelon. the chickens ate the seeds and some of the red meat but left a lot... including lots of juice. I guess cinnamon and black bears love watermelon... he sure did clean it up...ate the melon and scaped the rind down as thin as paper. The chinese eat it as a vegetable.... the rind is stirfried, stewed and pickled... hey... how come we always throw it away?
Jim told me that last night the bear raided his garbage cans and threw the stuff everywhere... and ate the watermelon he had for his chickens.. heh heh.... there is a motion sensor light by his garbage cans but the light did not freighten the bear. None of us has see the bear yet... I wonder if I should sit up all night by the window or out on the deck. I guess we will hold off on buying the lambs for now :-)

I have lots of apples sitting in the kitchen so between painting landscapes I did the above. Maybe I will start painting an apple a day :-)  ........

Continue eating your apple a day and smile a lot

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