Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another day on the Nevada Desert

Today was a paperwork day but the gorgeous great out-of-doors  outside alluringly beckoned ..... it was tooooo much ...  so before things got too intense I left the cabin for a walk. I had all ready been up an at it for a couple hours and grabbed a few bites between clicks on the keyboard. Soon my friends would arrive and then we would be at it for a couple hours.

No stroll outside here is the same.There are dramatic and sudden weather or wind changes. Spring can serve a warm day then a cool day. Today was extremely fine.... sunshine, blue skies and just a little cool...not cold tho.

As soon as the door opened I could see that today was giving us a little more excitement. It is migration time for many birds.... we do not know who will fly by next...... but wait... what is that... NO... it coundn't be... yes... IT IS .... they are very high and this old eye may not be seeing everything there is to see but those birds... they fly like pelicans... they are shaped like pelicans...... dang, I think those are peilicans. Yup. pelicans in Nevada... desert country.... well don't that beat all...... or is that some sort of stork or something?

It's almost like being back in Florida.

There is not too much time until y friends arrive so I  pick up the speed a little ... after walking briskly for 10 minutes the day was feeling even warmer.
When leaving the property we pass by the pastures where the chickens live and where the sheep will live. Right now there is fresh golden color everywhere..... ahhhhhh, those dandilions... I love em!

It doesn't matter when I slip on pass the gate... the chickens hear me and come running .... it's because they love me :-)

Northbound on the old highway always presents a wonderful and peaceful view.... how can we help but to like it?

Arriving back at the ranch a new visitor greeted us with silence and curious looks ... a Double-crested Cormorant waited. So that you can learn a little more about Double-crested Cormorats I have placed a link at the end of this post.

I quietly slipped up closer and closer... he did not seem to mind .... I came as close as 4 feet ... amazing ... my chickens hardly let me do that... especially the rooster

The fotos are all of the same bird. He actually started on the pile of brush then moved on about the property. He didn't seem like the smartest bird..... in most ways I think I give the chickens a higher score.
The pose you see on the brush pile is very typical of the cormorant. Their distinctive shape and the way the position their wings presents immediate identifying characteristics.

Yea, they swim. They are waterbirds with webbed feet. They walk kinda like a duck.

After a cruise on the pond  the wings are spread to dry and soak up some rays.

I can't wait to see what the next day is going to bring... this is exciting!


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