Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another day on the farm

It might be just another day on the farm but there is not "just another day on the farm". There is always something exciting happening out here. First up in the foto line-up is Savanah..... she just was not going to eat that :-) ... luckily I was there to capture the moment and the mood. Irreplaceable. I was digging out the old paintings because I have a shipment of frames coming. The walls will be covered here in the ol' cabin.
Outside, while feeding the chickens, I noticed that the first mature crop of the season is already going to seed out there in the pasture. Dandelions are so bright and cheery. I love dandelions ... and I love blowing those parachutes into the wind too :-)
So now to the main story of the day..... the mother duck disappeared and left seven little duckings alone on the pond to fend for themselves. Cute, aren't they?  The pond will dry up as the Summer progresses. Well with the hawks, owls, cats, bobcats, coyotes, bears and who know what else on the prowl out here we thought they needed to be rescued so we rounded them up and made them a new home.... then bought 50 # of ducking feed for them. They are very soft and fuzzy. Who knows if those Mallards will stay with us or take off someday. Right now we don't know if they will chose for their mama Jim, Vickie or one of the chickens :-)
It's a great day out there... poke your head out the window and take a look.

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