Saturday, May 22, 2010

On a frosty morn in May

"Twas on a frosty morn in May" ..... yup.... today was a frosty morn in late May ..... a beautifyl day ... did you every get down close and take a look at frosty grass?.... here's your chance ... spectacular to say the least!
The chickens did not mind at all .... the minute they heard me open the door they were on the way ..'s eatin' time.
Most of the day we had sunshine... that's what we love about it here..... then about 6-ish... whe I wasn't looking it began to snow!.... by 7=ish there was several inches on the ground... could be at least 3 inches out there as we speak.
We love variety. Snow near the end of May is variety :-)
Today Mom had her 98th birthday celebration...went out to dinner and had a cake with 98 candles which she said she blew out.... I believe it... she does have lung power :-) ..... mmaybe she really didn't have 98 candles but there was at least one that she blew out ... most of the frosting landed in Ron's face..... so now she begins year 99....hooray for her... I hope she passed on some of those genes to me.
Maybe I'll go out and make a snow man.... or snow chicken....I hope it melts by noon tomorrow...we already stowed away the snow shovel

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