Sunday, May 23, 2010

May it snow in May

It's always such a joy to wake up and look out the window to a winter wonderland!.... A fireplace might add a little atmosphere ot it ... maybe I'll paint a big picture of one :-)
This is a 12 x 16 oil on canvas board .... not necessarily gallery material but it's special to me because I think I captured Baron in this little painting. Sometimes it is a little challenging to capture a likeness on a smaller scale so the mood and atmosphere have to carry more of the load. Painting inside sure is fun when winter is outside.
At 6 am I was up and at it.... outside stomping around in the fresh fallen snow..... the sun makes long shadows early in the morning and lights up everything a little differently ... notice how the sun shines thru the trees and back-lights the snow covered leaves ..... also, there seem to be birds out there early in the day that do not hang around till day. Check it out...... this little guy dropped in, hopped around the snow a little then took off. There were some black birds on the fence.... and the chickens were up. Chickens always get up early... that's because they want to eat :-)
You have a good day .... and ask Big Al where's all that hupla in his report :-)

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