Friday, May 21, 2010

Game Preserve

A few weeks ago a dog  (we now think) came by and ate or chased off the mother goose leaving her nest full of eggs deserted. Jim and Vickie rescued the eggs and set them in a box to incubate. They are now hatching ... check it out.... the first gossling is now living with a couple of wild ducklings we rescued. Everyone is happy and doing fine. the indoor dogs do not seem to mind the newcomers... in fact, the chihuahua even gave the ducklings a little kiss on the beak :-)
We are not sure if all the eggs will hatch... if they do we are going to have lots of birds around here.

Another cold snap is blowing in... we may get a little frost within the next few days which means the lilacs and apple trees will be losing their blossoms .

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