Monday, May 17, 2010

Off to the Dentist

On Thursday the 13th I left for California for a few days. It was time to visit my long time friend, Brad... who happens to be my dentist of choice. We have been doing this for many, many years... over 30. It is always a good experience. He is a great dentist and a great friend. Our visits are pleasant ones. Of course over there in California low lands Spring is more at hand than it is here in the high desert... and especially here a little higher and closer to the High Sierras. One of the first things I do when I run down there is smell the flowers. I always love the flowers. First up on the picture posts, then, will be a couple flowers for you to enjoy too.

I always shoot pictures when I ride with someone..... sometimes I shoot pictures while I drive.... ahhhh, not recomended... don't try this on your own. You will notice that the pictures are not the best.... they were quick and dirty shots and you will not see other vehicles moving along the highway because I do it while alone. I never get tired of driving thru the High Sierras. It is always spectacular.

Coming off the mountain and down ther other side this time of year is also very rewarding. The rolling hills of California are beautiful...... AND..... for a couple of weeks at least during the Spring they are actually green along with the flowering trees.

Finally we get to Brad's house.... about 2 1/2 hours. Brad actually designed his house, drew up the plans and acted as the contractor while still practicing dentiry at full speed ahead. Nice neighborhood.... it's right on the airport... his plane is parked in his garage and he taxies right down the street to the runway.
After we finished working and visiting I left for Ikea... the giant furniture store. The shelves I bought come knocked down in a flat box ... a fairly heavy flat box.... these I had to handle very carefully. Assembly was not too bad at all. In the first picture you will notice that Unocchio had to tap in all those dowels with a small hammer. I was not sure how many times I would miss .... but... believe it or not, I did not miss and do not have a bunch of smashed digets :-)
I assembled 4 units. ... one I installed in the main room next to my computer table. There will be a little re-arranging going on here from time to time until I get my space a little more efficient.

That's it for today....... you arrange to have yourself a great week..... slow down... smell the flowers.

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