Saturday, May 8, 2010

55's 55th

Time flies. Imagine, it's 55 years since the class of 55 graduated from high school. I'm not really that I? Well, I don't feel that old ... maybe look even older but I don't feel that old. Back in those days I'm sure few if any thought about a class reunion 55 years later... but now it's here.... coming up on the 15th of this month. Fritz Donavan put forth much effort in organizing and putting this even together. There will actually be 40 people attending .... and there are a few still alive and kicking that were not able to attend for one reason or another. Best to all who attend and who are not able to make it.
Me? ...... I'll be in Sacramento at the dentist's office. Great Dentist... Brad Smith .... a long time friend and buddy. He is a cordial host inviting me to come stay with him a couple days when I travel over there to visit. It is always a good time. Brad is THE painless dentist.

This is what it looked like when we were there.... it was one of 4 high schools in the city.

I think I lived at least 5-6 miles from school... this is how I got there...sometimes... other times I took the city bus.

This is Fritz Donavan... the spearhead behind the reunion. It is the picture he posted on his page at Best to you Fritz.

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