Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hikin' the perimeter

What a gorgeous day today...... and what a pleasure to get outside.  After painting for a while Jim and I wandered along some of the fence lines checking out where Mr Bear had stepped on the wire fence and made his way into our hide-a-way... at least 6 places we could verify..... evidently he comes more often than he tells us.

11x14 oil on canvas board...... maybe I am finished with it... maybe not..... this is one afternnon in Carson Valley looking off  towards Jobe's Peak.... the sun is dipping down behind the mountains now and casting longer shadows... it drops fast about this time so pretty soon it will set and darkness will set in. I love that valley.

Too many people compained when they heard I was going to set a "rope-bent tree trap" for the bear so they brought this contraption over today..... sure looks good to me.... there is a dead goat in there and some honey to lure him in....... if that doesn't work we place watermelon in there.... that'll git im for sure. I am told when that door slams shut it sounds like a small cannon going off.... Jim says it'll wake up everyone in the neighborhood.... I can't wait to shoot some pictures of that guy.... my camera sits ready to go.    Dang... I'm gonna miss ropin im :-)   Sounded exciting.

You have an exciting evening too.

1 comment:

  1. Really nice painting, buddy! I envy your locale!
    Somehow, the idea of "dead goat" doesn't appeal to me, but then again, I'm not a bear! lol Now, as for that watermelon.......