Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Totally booked up

Well for a guy who never read a book until long after graduating from high school you would not think this of me... I love books. I must have over a thousand books.. most all read by me.... but I confess.. I have not read them all. I find in the collection some college books once owned by my dad and mom. what on earth am I doing dragging their college text books around with me all these years.... uhhhhh, how old are they now?.. and maybe how much are they outdated?... gasp.
Then there are my college books... and Zabrina's home schooling books ( I won't tell you what she told me to do with them either)
Books are like inviting a friend over to talk to you and discuss things of having a personal talk with someone who knows more and is willing to share his knowledge and skills.... it's like have the personal counseel of someone who is highly respected. It is good to go back and rad a good book more than once ... hardly anyone graps everything the first time thru.
Do you remember how much books weigh? I guess I moved, picked up, carried and stacked at least 6-800 pounds today. I touched every book.. looked at it, thought about it, sorted it and placed it in a box... to keep... to sell.. to give to a neighbor... to give to Zabrina... or to donate to the Deland Publid Library.
A very personal friend of the person buying my house is going to culinary school over in St Augustine so she will get a stack of very fine cookbooks and cooking magazines (yes, I saved every magazine that every came here... that's huge)
 By the end of the day I was totally booked up, so to speak. :-)
This was not a boring day but it was hard work.... but everything has it's good points. I found my hidden stash of cash in several books .  ad now I'm all smiles.
I did not keep all the books I wanted..... I'm cutting down. I will miss them. It's like losing an old friend.
Thanks for the space in your warehouse, Bob. Isn't ot great to have friends who come to your aid in time of need.
Ben would say, "hey... you were supposed to ship that pallet... and.. you were not supposed to keep extra stuff just because you were going to ship a pallet... it was just supposed to take a little weight off the trailer you're pulling."
I'm finished with the book project for now.
I'm cleaning out everything. Yup. they're all leaving one way or another.
The local art association is geeting about 6 easels and lots of art books and magazines.... it is my hope and wish that someone will be helped, inspired and encouraged to do more an better art work.
Wow. all this from cleaning up a huge pile of books. they were stored in the atic and every wherre else in this big old house... you can't imagine.... well maybe you can.

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