Monday, October 19, 2009

Oly goes bananas

Even the hard working crew on Central Ave neew a break once in a while so we went down the street to the local, world famous waterfront dining establishment... The Three Bananas......... and Oly went Bananas :-)
It was a good day for the 3 Bananas... folks from allover came... it is Biketober Week in Daytona and the bikers make a special trip to Crescent City for an outing. You never know what they'll come on/in.... now is that a 57 Chevy... or is it some guys bike?
The fron door is reserved for handicap only so all other patrons are directed around the building to enter on the lake side.... or simply sit outside under the big oak trees and enjoy the aquatic view.
Boaters were coming and going the entire day.... many stopping in at the 3 Bananas for foode and drink. Notice they are service drinks right out there near the water from the old banana boat.
After hanging out for a while and sampling the fare we finally headed back .... and as you can see... it was not far to go.... yup there's the old place sitting right up there on high ground shining in the sun.
We're making headway.

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