Monday, October 26, 2009

What is progress?

Ahhhhhhh... another lovely day beginning.
So we get back on the job. We think we are making progress.....but what is progress. It is all relative, isn't it? Yesterday we sent to the flea market over near St Augustine. Had a good day. Met fine people. sold some stuff. Worked our butts off .... Olt was here again to help. Good thing.... would not have been able to do it without him. We were up at 5:45 and gone by 6:15... still dark out there and a bit cool... but very refreshing. I love the early mornings even if I do not see all of them. :-)

Here's the old place... trailer ready to load for the flea market... ladder displayed ready to sell. We took a b ig load to the market and came back with less... that is progress... but look at the stuff loaded on the porches still waiting to be sold...... what is progress?

Crescent City is still busy as every. We are billed as the city time forgot... rightly so. Look at that traffic!

Just looking at these shots of the porches you would think we have made no progress .... you just did not get a look at where we started ... walking a mile in our shoes would simply wear you out.

Here is a very heavy piece of equipment from the shop ready to go...sold but they need 4 sytong people to move it from here.

A closeup of the supply of antifreeze...... now who needs 7 gallons of antifreeze, I ask... how could that happen. Well, I would catch the sales whenever possible.... I had some to winterize the house here and in Texas.... uhhhh... I may have bought some and could not find it so bought some more .... Now aI have this supply on hand. :-)

The shop is getting emptied.... that table saw has been sold... Jeff just did not get over to haul it away yet... I am packing up some tools to keep and boxing some to sell.

Finally here is a neighbor hauling away some of the valuables she bought..... she is going to bring her pickup truck for the rest. It seems we are making good progress but there is going to be a pile of stuff left over at the end of it all .... local charities may get a bunch and local libraries and the art association may get a bunch ..... then I hit the road..... that's coming soon.

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