Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Mall in the Rural South

The flea Market depicts the typical "Mall" in the rural South. Ya gotta love this. Of course, the local Southern Flea Market really does have FLEAS .... and bugs.... and snakes ... and critters ... and sand. Hey, what else... why do you think they called it a flea market. Then there;s the stuff sold there... why you never saw such a pile of shit in your life... why wouldn't even a red-neck be ashamed to display that stuff ... there's Uncle Zebs old BVD's ... Bouzer's old dog dish ... a broken wrench...a 33 1/3 phonograph record that has so many scratches it looks like lizard skin...stuff that's been in the kitchen for 40 years ... we wish they had washed it all first. ..... but ..... thar's a bunch o' good ol' boys and gals sittin' 'round thar chatting ... and sippin' sumpin............ dang if that ain't a fine social gathern. In just a moment I spected to see Hank and Bubba com out from yonder tree pickin and singin.
I didn't get many pictures cus I was dodgin the crowd... heh heh .... I did get a picture of the main body of folks thar.
Finally I went on back home ... put more ads on Craigs list.....  met some fine folks who came over and bought some of my stuff.
Unocchio says "ya'll kin sell lots of stuff iffin ya kno how.... jis buy it for retail plu tax and shippin... hold it and store it for many years ... then sell it for pennies on the dollar. Dang if that stuff don't jis fly out the door"

Oh yea .... the beer signs are gone already ... but the bull still floats in the air.

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