Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wild Weekend

After a wild week end with Oly   :-)           we produced more than our share of trash for the man .... sooooo
we evened it up and used some of the neighbor's allotment. thanks neighbors... it's nice to have friends and neoghbors... especially in time of need.
This is not the first day we have exceeded our limits.... and won't be the last.... dang there is a lot of stuff here .... but we're making good progress. the pace seems to pick up as we neer the deadline.
Just so that we don't totally bore you with the trash I have included a pictures of where I would rather be  .... over at the beach... and this beach .... one of the few .... actually has a few rocks.
Sometimes we don't get to be where we want to be and do what we would like to do .... but we work towards that end.
You have a good day.

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