Monday, November 2, 2009

Unocchio's Lumber yard

Today it was more like Oct-Nov weather in Crescent City ... about 71-72 degrees..... and low humidity. It was a great day. Since it was not 68 with 94 humidity I decided  too move the air-tight wood stove out on the fron lawn where cusotmers might see it. I moved it by myself from the back room to the edge of the porch ... you will notice that I used some dowels and a piece of plywood to move that 250 pound monster. My neighbor, Jason, helped lift it off the porch....... also,  it was time to get on the lumber project. A couple of the neighbors wanted some of the lumber so it had to be done sooner or later. To get to the wlanut and oak I had to first remove the maple. No simple task at that. Some of the oak was stored in the top of the shop .... that was ladder work. Finally I brought out the aromatic red cedar... ahhh.. love that wood. The walnut smells good also. All in all it was a hard labor day. It is now the end of the day and the eye lids are drooping.
The sale is still going on as you can see by my great signs... special thanks to Elaine for the help in that department. We had a steady flow of people even today, Monday. Every little bit helps.
the place is getting cleaner and cleaner. Wow. It's been a while since I saw this much of the floor. I am learning my lesson. I will never accumulate this much junk again. After weeks and weeks of work it all seems to have less value and less reason to save it. Well, tomorrow starts another day and we are getting closer to the deadline.

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  1. Hey wow!! Selling the house! Big move! I wish I had a way to help you. Actually, lol, if you have any old books you think I might be interested in please let me know! I love reading and I am willing to pay! lol ^_^ I miss you a lot, can't wait to hear from you!!