Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grinding Papers and the Chocolate Factory

Today I drove into town with five boxes of papers that needed to be schreded. Didn't cost but $58. Would have taken me 6 weeks of full time grinding on the small schreder here at the house so I thought that was a bargain. Won;t show you the place where I took the boxes... just not all that interesting.
Now I couldn't drive all the way over to Daytona Beach without taking one last look at the old downtown section which is on the Halifax River ... part of the intercostal. Come along as I walk around for a while.

This was the first view I got as I walked from the parking lot which was behind the buildings. There is parking on the street in front of the old storefronts but  most of them were taken in the destination block. Following are a few shots  from different angless so you can get the feel of what it's like. It's actually like a trip into the past. Slow pace, no crowds today, people eating at the sidewalk cafe.
Across from the strip of stores is a park which is right on the river. The park is the location fofr music festivals and art festivals and family picnics. It's always pleasant sitting near the waters edge.

This is the new bridge from the mainland to the island where the famous Daytona Beach lives..... much different than it was when I visited here as a young lad.

Finally I get to the destination... the book store. I had 2 bookstores on the intinerary....Abraxas Boos and the Mandala Book Store. the advertised on line that they bought books. Now we'll see. Abraxas had more books than space and stated that people give him or offer to give him more books than he could ever want so he is only interested in certain books. He was not interested in my 1000+ books as a whole but wanted to see some of them. The easiest way..... photograh the ends of them and email the picture to him. Hey, that's easy... I can do that. Well at least maybe some of them won't have to hit the dumpster.

The sceond bookstore, Mandala's had lots of books but he stated he was going out of business in a few months so not interested in much of anything.... BUT.... he might take some books. Again, email the pictures.

By now,  luch time had come and gone and.... opps... what is this..... no... I shouldn't.... but then, what the heck... I haven't had a high carb, high calorie nutritionless snack in a lonnnnnng time ... here goes .... off to the choclate gactory for a couple of fresh pieces.

The end of the tour is the Daytona Art League. It's been here since 1932. Met some fine people there.... too bad I did not hook up with them years ago. They stated they would be glad to take my art books, magazines and easels..... ahhhh... now they do not have to hit the dumpster. I'm glad to share.

So went the tour for today. Now it's back someone coming to buy some shop tools and equipment. Things are moving on out the door. May bet rid of most of it yet... who knows ... but it is getting easier.

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