Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beer Signs and bull

Many years ago 3000 miles North and West of here, there was a place called the Brick Tavern. the TV series Norther Exposure was shot there, high in the mountains of the State of Washington. I was there. Also, when Jim, the illustrious proprietor, was cleaning out the basement he gave us some of the old beer signs that had been accumulating down there for many years. Soooo, how could I pass that up? Now many years later they are still here... safely tucked away. They are valuable old signs. Someone would love to have them. they can decorate your game room or wet bar. They can hang in a kid's college dorm room.
Believe it or not.... they are now being sold, given away or dumped (even tho my 98 year old mom volunteered to keep them for me in case I ever needed them).
See for yourself
I am working hard down here. Everything must go (except for some tools and personal itmes I am dragging with me in a trailer behind my small pickup... small truck... small trailer. Can you really believe this?
today several parties are coming to pick up valuable things... like a hospital bed from WW1 era and some cabinet drawers and cabinte doors that I have had here for many years waiting for a couple projects to get started and completed.
Finally I am thinning out the stuff that has accumulated ... it is actually heading out the door! Amazing. And what a relief. I'm on a roll. Getting kicked out of the trailer in G'vill gave me some impetus and I have kept that energy moving. Feels good. Doc Schultz always said "get rid of 50% of everything you have every year"
I'm finally doing it. Feels good. I can't wait to finish. I will be living simple from now on.

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