Friday, October 23, 2009

OK... so it's another sunrise ....but there's more

I never tire of seeing the sunrise.... for many reasons .... it's good to just plain see it, the beauty is never ending .... it's so refreshing out there early in the morning - what a way to start the day .... it has been one of my great pleasures all these years to watch the sun rise over Crescent Lake, how can I not like it..... it's great that we actually get another day and it's going to be a good one, I can tell already .... there are certain birds that get up early and hang out down by the lake - that is always a source of enjoyment .... watching the sun rise gives a person a few moments to relax and think of good things and plan the day accordingly .... there is the opportunity to capture some of this beauty with the camera and come back to enjoy it again and again ...this list can continue on and on... you get the point. I love the sunrise over the lake.

I can watch the sunrise over the east upper porch at my house. I can even sit out there and eat while I enjoy it. If I go to the West side of the upper deck I can watch the sunset as you can see below. The sky in Florida is so dramatic and colorful.
Finally, we have one of the neighborhood cats. There are at least 3 of these yellow ones and a couple of black and whites. Usually they are well behaved and none of us have any mice or pesky rodents.

Colorful Western sky in the evening from the upper deck

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