Monday, August 31, 2009

Unocchio goes to the beach

Going to the beach is always exciting... even if it is cold and foggy... who cares?
Now that's not to say I would jump in the ocean on a day like that but I did see others in the water. I did not hit the water.
There is something mystical about the fog hovering over the hills and mountains .... then on the beach side the waves are making the ocean music.... and then there is the smell of the salt air.... so what's not to like.... a visit to the ocean beach is a wonderful part of life.
Today the fog was a little cooler and hung around for a little longer but look over there in the north sky... it's blue...the fog is burning off so this afternoon will be sunny and warm... just right for the beachers.
This was only a part of my tour of the loop of West Marin County. What a great trip. There will be more for you on the blog in the coming days..... stay tuned.

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