Monday, August 24, 2009

Foggy Day and more

On the West end of Santa Rosa there are farms and vineyards. It is situated just right for the ocean fog to roll in every morning (at least while I am here). It is cool and refreshing then burns off by noonish to present us with warm August days. Not really too hot right here, altho I hear not too many miles away it gets quite hot....... I'm going to investigate that in just a few hours. Warm days and cool nights always feel good.

This is still California so we are bound to see vineyards and here they are.

Farmers markets are everywhere these days and probably a good thing. Local produce picked ripe... sweet and delicious ... then there are the craft people. Sebastopol has a very interesting farmers market. I notice everywhere the food vendors at these markets serve different styles and tastes showing the local flavor.

The music at the market is always interesting. You never really know what you'll find. In this market there were music booths and there was a bandstand which provided a variety of groups throughout the day ... mostly jazz of sorts.

All this right down town Sebastopol.

You're thinking... if he was in school ... how did he get to the market .... soooo ... sneaking out of class, eh? Well, I did not sneak out of class. They gave us a generous lunch break so we walked over to the market which was only a couple blocks away. I had my lunch in a bag so I ate it quietly during the lectures.

I'll never stop studying and learning. I am thankful to the lovely people who teach and present the material. The people who teach and present the info are always such a joy which helps a lot when trying to cram in so much new info into 2 days of intensive learning... then there is the meeting of new friends .... all adding to a fuller and better life. Thanks again.

Keep on learning.

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