Thursday, August 6, 2009

Down to the River

Carson Valley is a delightful place to set your feet. The Carson River flows down out of the High Sierras and snakes it's way through the valley bringing water for the local crops and trees. Anywhere you want to stop along the river is a good place for a picnic or just plain musing or clearing your head.

Closer to the foothills the river rushes over the rocks and is very exciting. As you get down into the valley it slows down and meanders through the fields and meadows providing nesting and feeding spots for various birds and small wild life.

Many different kinds of creatures here. We have a living zoo here in the valley. I'll slip some of them in from time to time for you.

However, we haven't seen elephants, hippos or bears here in the past 35 years.

Once you leave the valley on either side water is sparse. the scenery changes and you will enjoy the sage and desert landscape. Sometimes we can stare off into the distance and enjoy both.
It's August now. There's some things you can only see in August .... better go out there and take a look.
Oil on canvas board 16x20

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