Thursday, August 20, 2009

Traveling on

Hi ho.... hi ho
it's off to the Redwood Forest I go ..... and maybe to the coast to get away for a few days

But did I mention there was this little stop first ..... at Waikiki ....
The Waikiki Dentist
Wow... doesn't that sound great?!

Over the hill and down the road it's off to the house that Brad built ... Brad the Dentist, who designed and built his own house.

Then we motor over to the Waikiki Dentist office in Rosewille, with Doctor Hall. Dr. Smith and Holly the Hygenist. No one particularly likes going to visit the dentist, however, a trip to Waikiki is truely a very pleasant experience,

so going to the dentist is not such a big deal ... they pick and scrape and dig and shoot all these ugly pictures on the monitor ...

Then they tell you of all the stuff they're going to do to you the next time you come in so that you have anziety, stres and turmoil for the next couple weeks anticipating the "slight discomfort" they suggest will be coming ... and translated they are saying
"this is going to hurt like hell" but we won't feel a thing ... ha ha

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