Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On the Way Back

After leaving our hilltop groves I headed on South to Mike and Scotty's cookout in St Helena ... you'll see that one later. It was a great party. The sign in St Helena said "Santa Rosa 20 miles" so I knew the next stop would be Annie's house. It was late afternoon or early evening before I got away from the party. We were on a hill side in West St Helena and somehow the road to Santa Rosa made me think twice ... it seemed to me to be a "short cut" thru the woods and over the mountain ... I was not sure it would even be fully paved later on ...so I sought out some advice from a local. Sure enough, that wasn't the road I really wanted to take with my old tank. After some good advice from a kind gentleman I headed North on highway 29 to Calistoga ... about 7 miles. Now we had a road that claimed to be headed straight to Santa Rosa. It wasn't straight. This was really a back road that snaked thru 20 miles of mountain passes and canyons .... beautiful, interesting and slow. Maybe I did not make any friends on that part of the trip. It did take a little longer than anticipated but we made it ok. Annie was a little concerned with me driving thru the mountains in the dark and not arriving on time.

Vineyards in the early morning sun. Can we go anywhere in California without seeing vineyards?

This old oak tree has been proudly standing guard at the edge of the property for a long long time. Zoom in and take a look.

Somehow this oak died before it's time and was left standing out in the field. Grapes in the East.... veggies growing South and West. We are looking Southwest here. That is a huge field of veggies.

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