Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Desert Country

I just checked with on line with the Cal Dept of Forestry .... yup... they do have fires going over there... some are mostly contained .. but

When Ca has fires we many times get the smoke ... looks like thick Summer haze ... see it behind Marshall's? .... and by the way, all you city slickers out there, as you can see, we have a Marshall's store out here in the boonies, too. :-)

This is the shopping plaza south of Carson City.

the first picture is east of Gardnerville. I't nice to get out and take a walk in places close by but infrequented. this gives you the grand feeling of walking out there amoungst the sage on a lonely road. The foto was taken a day or so ago when the rain clouds were making their last stand. Ain't it great to watch those streams of rain falling outta da clouds?

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  1. I can relate to the smoke situation. A few years ago, the big military base nearby burned off hundreds and hundreds ( probably thousands ) of acres of land to clear it for maneuvers. Even though it was 35 miles away, we couldn't even breathe outdoors. And it was all summer long. It just choked you and made your eyes water. The funny thing was, we couldn't actually see the smoke this far away, but we could smell it and actually taste it. It was a terrible situation.