Saturday, August 8, 2009

Your head in the Clouds?

Rocket Launch Jun 08

Storm over Carson City

Storm over Crescent Lake

Mississippi Rain Storm

Carson Valley Rain Storm

Texas clouds

Clouds do not extend very far above the earth. Ask the man or woman who went up in the rocket ship. Hardly any of those folks state that they saw anyone up in the clouds either. They just shot on through into outter space where there were no clouds. I was fortunate enough to be able to watch several launches from my porch... about 100 miles from the launch site. Double click on that picture to get a better look. It was always exciting and inspiring to watch a space launch.
Mama always said to me "Boy, you got your head in the clouds!"
That had nothing to do with it but I have always loved clouds. They are the same everywhere... but they are different everywhere. Every storm is different. Every puff of clouds is different. There is beauty in all of them.
If you think it is raining on your parade...look up .... there are some beautiful clouds up there.

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  1. Nice photos. They make me want to paint skies.
    ( actually, they're my favorite part of a landscape anyway )