Sunday, August 16, 2009

Unocchio & Baron hike the High Sierras

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Gilmore Lake

Gilmore Lake in California is a backcountry lake in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, to the west of Lake Tahoe in the Desolation Wilderness. It can be reached by hiking west out of the Glen Alpine Springs trailhead near the town of South Lake Tahoe. This lake offers great fishing for Lake trout.

UV says, "Now that seems like a reasonable hike to me. "

Here is the view from the Glen Alpine Springs trail head.

The trail head is about 7000 ft .... we are headed up to Gilmore Lake which is about 8100 ft.

The first part of the hike is thru the forest of pines, aspen and junipers.

Baron packed the food and drinks ... the geezer packed the camera equipment .... the dog... well she didn't carry a thing this trip ... next time she gets to carry a dog back pack.

The trail was a steady upward climb for the 1000 ft. We were glad it wound it's way around the rocks and hills.

The ol geezer enjoys stopping in the shade a couple times on the way up.
Baron said "what is that 'Bugle Boy' shirt"
Bugle Boy was a brand popular in the 1980s founded by Dr. William Mow in 1977. It declared bankruptcy in 2001
However, that shirt in the picture was dragged out of the closet ... having been put there in the 80's. Some folks have clothes that have been around for quite some time. Hey... they're still good. Look at it... like new... comfortable... and it still works!
So who cares if no one even remembers "Bugle Boy"?

The biggest thrill for the dog was retrieving sticks from Gilmore lake. It seemed like there was no end to how many times she wanted to fetch that stick ... always bringing it back to Baron's feet so that he could toss it again.

The first thing we wanted to do after arriving at Gilmore was to sit on a log and sip some water. Arriving is such a relief.

Off in the distance you will see Suzie Lake ... at quite a lower altitude. This may be the destination of our next hike... stay tuned.

What a pieceful setting. There were few people here today. We met about a half dozen campers who had back-packed in and spent the night at Gilmore. A special permit is required for overnight camping.

Ol Geezer stands on the dam wondering why part of it has been broken out ... also contemplating his careful steps over that area to the center of the dam.

Happy to be here.

Baron stands on a rock dome ... the view was spectacular!

Time to head on home ... a long hike ahead and a much longer drive back to San Francisco.
Take a break ..... go jump in the lake ... or just go take a hike. :-)


  1. Wow, what a beautiful spot for a hike. TAKE ME WITH YOU THE NEXT TIME!!!

  2. Great photo story Maurice. By the way, you were missed.