Monday, April 5, 2010

After a Restful Weekend

It was a fine week end in Washoe Valley ..... "I could hear the old piano playing down the avenue..the wind was ruustlin thru the' I could only think of you" ... well that's kinda how The Prairie Home Companion starts out... hear it for yourself
This radio show plays on pbs Saturdays and Sundays... usually broadcast live from somewhere.... we can't hear it on the net until Monday...but there are archives of old shows which are entertaining.
The week end here was restful...watched a couple old movies on netflix..... napped a couple times... worked on paperwork inbetween all that.... maybe it was I worked on paperwork and did all that other in between.
I could tell today the outside temp had dropped considerably by the size of the goose bumps all over my bod whenI stripped out of the night clothes to jump into the day clothes. Heh. We call some clothes night clothes but who ever called those other duds "day clothes". Anyway, on days like this I layer on the longjohns, T-shirt, longsleeved shirt/sweater and then the fleece jacket. No. I'm not going outside. That's what I where inside. How else could I keep my utility bill down at $44 in the Winter. About 8am I went out to feed and water the chikens. They are always glad to see me. We clucked at each other a few times, I tossed some goodies to them, broke the ice out of their watering bucket and went on my way. there were aonly a few inches of snow on the gound which we do not expect to last very long so I threw some of the feed in the snow.... the first toss..... they actually went out there and picked it up. good for them.
I knew that if I left the snow on the porch it would be gone in a couple hours but I pushed it off anyway. I like shoveling a couple inches.
By 11AM it looked like the pictures below..... notice the very low clouds when looking south...that's hanging over Carson City.... maybe they got a little snow this morning too. the commuters love that :-)
Mr & Mrs Duck werefloating down on the pond this morning. Always nice to see them coming back. Maybe they'll nest there and we can watch the ducklings this year. I'll get some pictures for you if it happens.

Over there in the West it looks like a little more weather is happening up in the High Sierras... the wind has started and the weather vane is turning again.

11:37 AM and the sun is shining, the snow is starting to melt and I am going back to work.
If you want to take a look at some interesting original art (not mine) go here

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