Monday, April 26, 2010

Scratch Board Class

Scratch Art is a reductive technique wherein a white board is coarted with black india ink. After the ink has dried it is scratched off to reveal the white underneath. Any sharp tool may be used to scratch off the black ink but there are specially made instruments to do the job in case you care to buy them... of course. Some of the instruments used to scratch are: sewing needle; razor blade; exacto life; dental tools; oil-free steel wool. the CVAA provided all the materials and tools for this class. I used a sewing needle and a manufactured tool.
Here is my first attempt. this was a fun project. I may do it again.

Yes... this is my rooster that lives in the field near the cabin... no... he did not stand still long enough for me to make a sketch.... I took a picture and used it as a reference. the morning, before I left for the class, I fed the chickens and they were all happy...... when I got back there was one missing..... the wild goose nesting in the field was also missing. Jim told me that the chickens were scattered all over the place including the golf course. Since these birds never wander far from their coop we think that whatever got the goose either got one of the hens or she ran off terribly freightened and got lost. Even the rooster was a block away by the waterfall in the golf course. Tonight, all that are left are safely looked in the coop.

Here is the class and what they all produced.

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  1. That's neat, Maurice! I've never really tried that, though I've been tempted. I LOVE pen & ink and this is kind of similar, but in reverse. Cool!