Sunday, April 11, 2010

Teamwork gets it done

A fine day lands on us in the Spring-time then out comes the tractor to get the garfden started. Yep... and teamwork gets the job done. There's Jim and Vickie hard at it... that sure beats clibing up in the tree to do the trimming. These guys are a work-together team.... and they made short orcer of preparing the garden and moving the fence. the garden is going to be a little bigger this year .... I already saw the rabbits snoopin' around here. the quail are up and about, too. Things are coming to life..... and yes, old mother hen is keeping her eye on it all and adding her 2 cents worth..... she's just dreaming of all those veggie trimmings coming her way.
You can tell my job... I'm the cheerleader :-)

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